Garden House Nursery Ipswich

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Excellent at what we do...

Our Ofsted report 2016:

"Staff are enthusiastic and motivated. They work well as a team to meet children's individual care and learning needs. They plan and provide a varied range of activities that support children's progress. Staff engage well with children, effectively supporting their development"

"Children are happy and settled. They develop the confidence to embrace new experiences and become ready for school"

outdoor jigsaw

"The thoughtfully planned playrooms support children to engage in purposeful play. Children benefit from an interesting and varied range of resources that promote all areas of learning"

"Children develop good friendships with each other, play well together and have regard for each other's needs and feelings. They are supported well by staff to respect each other's similarities and differences and develop positive attitudes to others. Children feel safe"

"Key persons build friendly and trusting relationships with children and parents. Staff are committed to working together with parents and keep them informed about their children's day and learning"