Garden House Nursery Ipswich

About Us

Our aim is to provide each child with the best possible care and start in life by…

planting smiles on the children, growing their fun & laughter and offering them a quality environment & experiences to enjoy their own learning!

At Garden House Nursery you will find us to be...   


Garden House is situated right in the town centre of Ipswich in beautiful historic buildings with a walled courtyard style garden. We are also in easy walking distance of the library, museum, the local market and parks. 



At Garden House we pride ourselves on offering professional childcare in a homely environment. As a policy, we only employ qualified staff to be included in our Staff:Child ratios. We have a very experienced and well-established Management & Leadership team and all of our staff receive training and support for their continuous professional development. 



We believe that working with parents is vital to helping us provide excellent childcare and our Key Persons take time to discuss all aspects of your childcare requirements. Staff support parents as their child's first and most important educators by involving them in their children's learning and development and in the full life of Garden House.



We have had an ecologically friendly policy running since 1997. We use ‘Reusable Nappies’, have a comprehensive recycling scheme, make home-made baby & children’s foods and the children help to grow some of their own vegetables/fruits in our garden. We even have our own ‘wormery’ to compost our food waste!


All staff at Garden House understand the importance of a warm welcome and consideration towards the individual needs of each child and their parents/carers. We aim to create a pleasant and homelike feel in our nursery. Our Nursery Cook provides delicious and nutritious home cooked meals for the children..and the Staff!... on-site.

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We have three exclusive rooms, designed specifically for each of the age groups to ensure that your child will feel confident, secure and enjoy themselves, with their individual needs being taken care of by their dedicated Key Person and Room Staff.

Daisies, Poppies & Sunflowers

             Daisies Room - under 2s,  Poppies Room - 2yr olds,  Sunflowers Room - 3–4yr olds.

Excellent at what we do...

Our Ofsted report 2018:

"Children form good bonds with staff and in particular their key person. This helps them to settle swiftly, become familiar with routines and feel secure."

"Staff plan interesting activities to complement the engaging environment they provide for children daily."

"Children benefit from the specialist training staff attend, such as sign language. This has a positive impact on children’s engagement and supports their access to all activities."

"Staff are good role models. They speak to each other warmly and offer children help where needed. Staff respond warmly to babies’ vocalisations and facial expressions… promoting their emotional well-being."

"Parents comment on the supportive, friendly staff. Parents report how easily their children settle on entry and how happy they are to attend."